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Semiconductor side pump laser marker

Semiconductor side pump laser marker
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semiconductor pump series laser marker uses Galvanometer laser marker technology and most advanced semiconductor pump laser technology, makes the YAG rod generates a mass of inverted population with 800nm wavelength semiconductor laser diode pump Nd:YAG crystal, forms 1064nm wavelength giant pulse laser beam output under the effect of 0 switch, through expanding and focusing of laser beam, and finally realizes marker through controlling the deflection of galvanometer. It is a revolution in laser marker field. This type of laser marker features low energy consumption, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, stable laser output mode, high reliability, small size, excellent marker effect and no consumables. The marker is designed according to ergonomics, providing beautiful appearance and simple operation. All the important optic parts are imported from Europe and America. The optics system is in fully sealed structure. It has optics preview and focus indication function and provides reliable security for the 24-hour continuous working of the machine.
●High stability    The semiconductor pump laser marker system uses semiconductor technology to replace traditional electro vacuum technology and the excitation source uses high power semiconductor matrix, extending the service life of the product and system stability significantly. ● High precision The output beam of semiconductor pump laser marker system is closer to ideal mode and is more suitable for hyperfine process. The minimum character size is 0.2nm, making the precision of the laser marker reach a new order of magnitude. ● High speed The semiconductor pump laser marker system uses hyperfine optic devices and its galvanometer speed is much higher than traditional laser system. ● Low energy consumption The semiconductor laser marker system uses highly efficient semiconductor matrix, improving the laser conversion efficiency significantly. ● High reliability The semiconductor laser marker system is highly integrated and no high voltage power supply or high voltage device is required, ensuring the reliability of the system. ● Small size The highly integrated control system allows customers to make better use of the plant space.
Carve metal and nonmetal materials. more suitable for circumstances that require super fine and high precision.
It is applied to electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electric apparatus, mobile communication, hardware products, tool fittings, precision instrument, glasses, watch and clock, jewelry, automobile parts, plastic keys, construction materials, PVC pipes, medical instruments, etc.
Suitable materials include: common metal and alloy (all metals include iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium and zinc), rare metal and alloy (gold, nickel, and titanium), metal oxide, special surface process (phosphating, aluminum anodizing and electroplated surface), ABS material (electric apparatus shell, daily necessities), ink (light-transmitting keys, printing products), epoxy resin (packages and insulating layer of electronic components).





Laser output power




Laser wavelength


Light beam mass m2


Laser repeating frequency


Standard carving range


Optional carving range


Carving depth




Integrity power



Minimum line width


Repeating precision


Carving line speed


Cooling system

High precision constant temperature ±0.1/circulating chiller

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