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Advertising word laser welder

Advertising word laser welder
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1.Ceramic converging cavity is imported from the Britain.It is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, and has 8-10 years service life.The life of xenon lamp is more than 8 million times。 
2.Use the most advanced light shielding system to eliminate the irritation to eyes by light during working。
3The laser head and optics part can be rotated for 360,upward/downward lifting and forward/backward pushing。 
4.The parameters are controlled by intelligent remote controller,which is simple and convenient。 
5.The work bench can be lifted,and moved in three dimensions。 
6.The size of light spot can be adjusted。 
7.The area affected by heat is small and there is no deformation on surface of welder stuff.
8.accroding to the advertising industry, lenthen the optical path, and working area can reach to 800mm
9.High efficiency by using positioning system. And suitable for different words and picture welder.
10.CCD monitor, clearly shows welder results.
11.There is no burrs on welder surface, And no need polishing procedure and very beautiful.


Advertising word laser welder machine is the application of high energy pulse laser welder of objects. Through the laser power for xenon lamp pulse discharge,Form a certain frequency and pulse width of light waves by collecting cavity radiation to Nd3 + : YAG crystal, crystal light after the resonance emit 1064 nm pulse laser.
Then through expanded beam, reflection, focus using for welder. The laser deposition welder system works, is a high energy laser and focus point of welder technology, Effectively deal with all the small part of the welder and repair work, make up the shortage of the traditional argon arc welder technology in the repair welder fine surface.
To avoid the thermal strain and post-processing these two threshold, greatly improving the welder efficiency.
Using welder stainless steel mirror words, stainless steel drawing words, stainless spherical words, stainless painting words, stainless plastic words,stainless solid words, stainless steel plating words, stainless steel gold foil word,titanium shperical words, plane and sephrical brass words, and some other words.



3-axis stroke of work bench

X=300mm,Y=200mm(X、Y hand control, Z automatic control)

Bearing of work bench




Power suply

220V±10%/50Hz or 380V±10%/50Hz

Laser features

Laser Type

Nd:YAG Pulse

Adjusting range of light spot


Size of light spot


Laser wavelenth


Pulse width


maximum laser power


Pulse frequency


Laser output focus length


Cooling system

water cooling

Observing system

Microscope(360º adjustable)

Protectction gas

1 line (xenon)

Welding wire diameter



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