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HT-cl01  Laser cladding machine

Laser cladding machine,HT-cl01
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Laser cladding is widely used in coal, mining machinery, automobile, shipping, petroleum, aerospace and other industries. This equipment is mainly used in the coal industry hydraulic prop surface laser cladding, can significantly improve the service life of the hydraulic prop. The maximum thickness of cladding layer is 2.0mm, the processing speed is above 0.4m2/h, and the cladding layer has no corrosion traces after 300h copper accelerated salt spray corrosion test *.

1) high safety: install protective cover, smoke purifier and safety door lock to protect the operator's health and safety.


(2) high efficiency: spot size up to 20X2mm, fast deposition speed, high processing efficiency.


(2) economic and environmental protection: replace the traditional high-pollution electroplating process, laser generator has high photoelectric conversion rate, high powder utilization rate, smooth and smooth processing surface, less follow-up cars, less grinding, good economy, and no pollution to the environment.


(3) easy to use: simple feeding, user-friendly operation, with "anti-freeze", "anti-collision" and other Settings.


(4) large range of application: two sets of large and small center frame are configured, which can adapt to the pillar length and cylinder diameter in a larger size range.


(5) controllable cladding effect: the operation of the equipment is stable, parameters can be adjusted according to the operation requirements, and the cladding layer thickness can be controlled.

Laser cladding is widely used in coal, mining machinery, automobile, shipping, petroleum, aerospace and other industries
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