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HT-CL01  Laser cleaner machine

Laser cleaner machine,HT-CL01
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Cleanmate series laser cleaning machine is a special equipment independently developed by shenzhen huatian century laser technology co., ltd. for the needs of laser cleaning market. The equipment has a number of patented technologies at home and abroad. With the support of advanced technology, this product combines ergonomics, has humanized design, compact size, flexible and convenient operation, low energy consumption, environmental protection and other characteristics, has good practicability and operability.

1. Box trolley. Ergonomic design, compact size, convenient and fast movement;


2. Light body. Total weight not more than 5kg, convenient for long-term work;


3. Small size. Especially suitable for real-time cleaning of parts that are inconvenient to disassemble;


4. Submachine gun design. Holding hands to improve operation stability and reduce user fatigue;


5. Trigger. Optional inching or continuous mode to reduce user fatigue;


6. Open with one key. Reduce misoperation and operation difficulty;


7. Integrated exhaust filtration system. Avoid dust secondary pollution, eliminate odors, truly achieve environmental protection operation;


8. Drag-proof design. Prevent fiber optic break and cable loose caused by process drag, improve stability and reliability of equipment;


9. Integrated control setting. The control unit is integrated with the gun body to facilitate the modification of technical parameters during processing;


10. Interactive human-machine interface. Touch screen operation, easy to use;


11. Intimate multi-purpose hook. The gun head is placed during intermittent operation, and the power cord is placed when the equipment is idle.

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